15 Year-Old Boy Dies After Attempting #FireChallenge

James Shores, 15,  was burned to death after his entire body was engulfed in flames.  The Buffalo, New York native as tempting the oddly popular Facebook fire challenge.

The #FireChallenge involves covering the naked portion of the body with some type of  flammable liquid and setting themselves on fire while being filmed by  a friend.

Shores doused himself with alcohol and was set ablaze by his friends. Those who participate in this “game,” usually do so inside of the shower in case the fire spreads. In Shores case, he was not near the shower or any other water source. His friends battled unsuccessfully to put the fire out, and he later died from his injuries.

A tasteless picture of James engulfed in flames is making it’s rounds around news outlets and the internet.  I declined to indulge in the madness.

FaceBook is in the process of deleting all #FireChallege videos off of their website.

I saw one yesterday where the boys own mother was filming it.  Yeah, I said his mother.  He barely made it back to the shower because he was running around frantically with everyone trying to put it out and get him back into the bathroom.  It  sounds stupid because it  is stupid.

Warn your kids that this nonsense isn’t funny or cute; just potentially fatal.

15 Year-Old Boy Dies After Attempting #FireChallenge

LeBron Bashing Ad From Miami DENIED by Cleveland Publications

A huge ad being shopped by fans of Miami Heat was shopped by two Cleveland area publications was denied out of respect to LeBron.  One of the publications was The Cleveland Plain Dealer.   The ad was a photo of two Heat championship rings with the words, You’re Welcome, LeBron below them.

Funny, but I didn’t see any of them cramped up, sweating and hitting nothing but net on any occasion.  Did you? The ad should have read You’re Welcome, Miami. Come on now!!  Entitlement!!

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LeBron Moonlights as a Stripper in Taiwan (Video)

I’m not quite sure what the festivities were, but it looks like thinks took a funny turn. In the clip, an already shirtless LeBron appears on stage, and takes off his shoes. He then autographs them both and throws them to the anxious fans. Then he takes off his shorts and does the same. Simply Groovy!!
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New Gig Whispers: Iggy Azalea Cast in ‘Fast and Furious 7′

While folks are being mean and hating, great things are happening for Iggy Azalea.  Vin Diesel just announced that she will be making her acting debut in the huge Fast and Furious franchise. For her first gig, her appearance is a small cameo, but it could lead to bigger and better things.

New Video Whispers: Boys II Men – ‘Better Half’ Tributes Military Families

“Better Half” is from their forthcoming studio album, Collide.  Their eleventh album,  will be released on September 30, 2014 as a trio.  Consisting of Nathan Morris  Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman.

This video pays  homage to real life ,military families. The clip begins with a Facebook correspondence between Nancy Burnett and her Air Force husband, Tom Burnett, and  shows images of other  military couples.  Sweet!!

‘Hit the Floor’ Renewed for a Third Season

VH1 has renewed the hit about an L.A. basketball team and its players, dancers and ownership for a third season.

Season three will debut in May 2015 with 10 episodes, down two from its second season of 12. *shrugs*

The network noted in its renewal announcement that the series ranks as the No. 1 scripted drama on basic cable among women 18-49. It also ranked among the top 10 most social shows on Mondays on Twitter.

Hit the Floor delivered again with fantastic ratings and social media engagement in season two, especially among women,” said Susan Levison, exec vp original programming and production at VH1. “We look forward to seeing what kind of trouble the Devil Girls will get into next season.”

via Hollywood Reporter

‘Hit the Floor’ Renewed for a Third Season