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Whispers: Janet Jackson Reveals 13 of Her Best Kept Secrets

Posted April 13, 2011 7:58 PM By Deirdre B Pride


After reading each one, I’ve come to the conclusion that Janet is just like most ladies.  She treats herself to luxuries every once and awhile; she prefers normalcy and loves sweets.  The issue will be on stands on April 25th.  Enjoy!!

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So, Teyana Taylor Unleashes a Beatdown

Posted April 13, 2011 12:21 PM By Deirdre B Pride


Wow, TMZ could have picked a way better picture.  They are really trying it today.

SMH, this just doesn’t look good.  Details are sketchy, but it’s been reported that Teyana served up a beat-down to a girl who made negative comments about Chris Brown.  If true, how sad and trivial.  People say ish you don’t like or agree with all the time.  These young people kill me thinking they are doing something by “representing” for their crew.   These are the details reported:

We’re told Teyana allegedly flipped out — and punched the other woman in the face multiple times … sending the woman crashing to the floor … where Teyana proceeded to kick her in the stomach and head with her boots. Cops were called to the scene … but Teyana had already left the building.  We’re told the victim sustained several nasty scrapes and swelling around her face.  Police sources tell us they’re investigating the incident — and would like to speak with Taylor ASAP — but so far, no charges have been filed against her.  Attempts to reach Teyana were unsuccessful.

Unless Teyana was just defending herself, she has nothing to worry about.  If she threw the first blow, then baby girl has a problem on her hands.  Kicks to the stomach are way drastic and over the top.


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