Roy Williams Get’s His Ring Back

Whew, glad that debacle is over with.  Po thang……

Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams just made a $76,000 reception — snagging the engagement ring he sued beauty queen Brooke Daniels to get  back … TMZ has learned.


Williams recently filed the lawsuit against Brooke — a former Miss Texas USA he dated for about a year — but her mom tells TMZ the ring was returned to Williams’ attorney yesterday near Houston.

According to the suit, Williams MAILED the ring and a recorded marriage proposal to Brooke back in February … just before Valentine’s Day.

Brooke wasn’t impressed. Williams says she shot him down, they broke up … and she promised to return the ring. The Cowboys WR sued because he hadn’t gotten it back yet.

All’s well that ends.

Ex American Apparel Employee Awarded $343,000 for Racial Slur

An American Apparel  sued AA for racial discrimination has been awarded more than $342,919.95 in damages.

Christopher Renfro, from California, says a co-worker repeatedly called him the “N” word in 2008, when he worked at the store as an industrial design and construction employee.

Losing: American Apparel’s attorney dismissed the complaint saying the  a co-worker was merely singing along to rap lyrics and told Gawker that he only got that much to cover by lawyer fees.

In a statement, Ms Figari said: ‘The Plaintiff, Christopher Renfro, claimed that his supervisor, Sean Alonzo – who reports directly to CEO Dov Charney – called him an “N” word while on a business trip to renovate American Apparel stores.

‘Both in deposition and during the arbitration, Mr Alonzo admitted to using the word but tried to say that he was only singing along to music. American Apparel gave Mr Alonzo a raise just days after supposedly “disciplining” him for the conduct.

The arbitrator found that Mr Alonzo subjected Mr Renfro to severe racial harassment…and found, among other items, that Mr Alonzo himself “demonstrated not only offensive racial hostility, but also a confused and persistent attempt to avoid blame for obvious wrongdoing,” and imposed liability against both Mr Alonzo and American Apparel.’

Claim: Irene Morales is suing for $260million in a sexual harassment suit

American Apparel’s counsel said that the claim was based on an evening of after-hour drinks with employees in which Mr Alonzo sang along to rap music containing the ‘n word’ which had been played at a club they were in earlier.

Attorney for the company Joyce Crucillo pointed out that Mr Renfro’s case was the first racial discrimination suit in the company’s history.

But Apparel – known for its racy ads and progressive agenda – has faced a series of sexual harassment suits against the company and its Canadian CEO Dov Charney.

He has been accused of walking around company headquarters without pants on, using provocative language towards female staff and running a sexually-charged, hostile environment.

Winning: Christopher Renfro, right, sued American Apparel for racial discrimination in 2008 and has been awarded more than $300k in damages

Winning: Christopher Renfro is on the right

Fertility Help Given to People Free, in the Form of a Lottery


When I first saw this I was a bit disturbed, but then I thought about the people who try to have children, but can’t and can’t afford fertility treatments.  If we can allow people to easily abort (end life), then we most certainly should make it a lot easier for people create life as well.  The fuss about it is a big contradiction when you think about at length. Trust me,there are people who object to both unconventiaonal methods of dealing with life..


A new lottery in the UK will offer parents the chance to win IVF treatments.

Costing £20 ($32) a ticket, monthly winners will be awarded fertility treatments worth £25,000 ($40,000), The Daily Telegraph reports.

Couples are to be given donor eggs, reproductive surgery or a surrogate birth if the IVF treatment fails.

To Hatch, the charity involved, has been given the go-ahead to run the lottery by the Gambling Commission.

Camille Strachan, founder of To Hatch, said: “We will offer struggling couples a completely tailor-made service. We hope the To Hatch Lottery can ease the burden on the NHS and reduce the stress slightly on some of those who are struggling.”

However, a spokesman for ethical dilemma group Comment on Reproductive Ethics countered: “Creation of human life should not be reduced to a public lottery.

“Instead of this, shouldn’t more [money] be spent on research into fertility problems?”

The lottery isn’t restricted to couples. Donor sperm will be given to a single woman if she wins, while a single man will receive a surrogate mother and donor embryo.

The prize can also be passed on to friends or family if the winning player has no need for a child.


Source: Daily Tele via Daily Spy

Casey Anthony Sentenced to the Max of 4 Years, 1043 Days Served ***Updated*** – Out July 13th

Casey and her lawyers had  hoped for a concurrent sentence, but she ultimately got consecutive.  YES!! She may go home at the end of this month or beginning next month.  They aren’t done calculating her time served yet.  She has served 1043 days so far, but has to be credited for good behavior.   She was fined $1000 for each count ($4,000).  She is said to have a large sum of money somewhere, but the money was held and will be released to her after fines are paid.  She still also has fines for the check fraud scam she has also served the time on.  Will continue to update this post.  They’re still on their hour break .


Casey will go home next Wednesday, July 13, 2011.  Her parents were there and talking about how pretty she looked, how long her hair has gotten and they were excited to see her.  So, it looks like she will be going home to her parents.  (Court TV interviewed people that were sitting in front of the parents)  WOMP!!!!


On August 25th they will decide whether she will have to pay for all of the monies spent on her lies/the search of Caylee.  She has to spend her probation in Florida.  She can’t leave the state without permission.


Source: Live Tru TV Coverage