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12 Americans Killed by Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan ***Update

Posted October 29, 2011 3:39 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Afghanistan's security force and NATO troops inspect the site after a suicide attack near the Darul Aman palace in Kabul on October 29, 2011. At least 14 people, including foreign forces, were killed when a Taliban car bomber struck a US-run NATO convoy travelling through the Afghan capital Kabul. Photo credit: Massoud Hossaini/AFP/Getty Images

I hope this isn’t the start of more to come, because of the announcement that they are coming home next year.  IDK,it may be likely that they are trying to hurt as many as they can before they pullout of Afghan.


At least 13 Americans were killed when a Taliban suicide bomber rammed a NATO convoy in Afghanistan early Saturday, destroying an armored bus.  The bombing – the deadliest attack in the war-torn country in months – sent flames and dark smoke shooting into the Kabul sky and turned the NATO vehicle into a crumpled, burning wreck.

U.S. officials confirmed that 13 American service members and four Afghans were killed in the explosion.  The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred when a NATO convoy passed the American University in a southwestern neighborhood of the capital city.

The heavily-armored bus, known as a Rhino, was driving amid a series of mine-resistant vehicles on a highway frequently used by NATA forces, officials said.  A Taliban spokesman said the bomber – who he identified as Abdul Rahman – was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV containing more than 1,500 pounds of explosives.

Though it was not immediately clear how the SUV penetrated the convoy’s security, it slammed into the side of the Rhino – and the collision sparked a massive fireball that could be seen for more than a mile.  Shrapnel exploded into the street, injuring eight Afghan civilians, officials said.

NATO and Afghan forces quickly locked down the area as fire trucks and ambulances raced to the scene. Two NATO helicopters were also used to evacuate casualties to nearby hospitals.  Witnesses said several body bags could be seen strewn across the highway.

The Taliban spokesman claimed that 25 people died in the explosion – but NATO officials were skeptical of the boast. Hopefully there aren’t anymore than the 13 reported.

The brazen daylight assault occurred as top NATO and Afghan officials met elsewhere in Kabul to discuss the ongoing shift of security responsibilities to Afghanistan’s military.

It was the deadliest attack against American forces since Aug 6, when the Taliban shot down a NATO helicopter, killing 30 U.S. soldiers, including members of the elite Navy Seal Team 6, the squad that carried out the famed raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.


NY Daily has changed the number to 12

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24/7 ain’t enough!! I hear that loud and clear. It’s so cool to feel that satisfied in a relationship. I know for sure it’s hard to come by. To get it at least once makes you lucky; twice….. truly blessed.  Mary seems like she wants you to slow it down and enjoy it.  The girl is fly. Loves it.  Definitely a put on repeat worthy jawn.

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New Video: Common – “Blue Sky”

Posted October 29, 2011 2:35 PM By Deirdre B Pride

LMAO at stay Melo like La La….cute

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NBA Cancels More Games of 2011-2012 Season

Posted October 29, 2011 2:25 PM By Deirdre B Pride

David Stern canceled games through Nov. 30.  That’s another month of no sweaty ballers running up and down the court.  It all seemed like a thing of the past when it was reported that both sides expressed a ray of hope in ending the lockout a few days ago.  I learned to wait and keep my mouth shut until it was indeed a confirmed wrap with the NFL lockout.  Stern reportedly said,  “It’s not practical, possible or prudent to have a full season now.”  He also said, “I would say both sides are very badly damaged.”  “There will be two severe sets of losses, but that’s what happens in a labor dispute.”

The impasse on the system issues still centered on the NBA not wanting teams over the salary cap and paying luxury tax to be able to use the midlevel and bi-annual exceptions. The players want it allowed.

Owners believed the players were prepared to take a 50-50 split on BRI if the system issues were agreed upon. Privately, league sources said most of the luxury tax and exception issues were resolved and the players were still seeking 52 percent of revenue. There were still issues with tax-paying teams being allowed to use the midlevel exception, but owners thought there was still a compromise to make. Nevertheless, league negotiators privately said they went back to the bargaining table with the union, only because they believed that to be true.


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Fox is bringing back the series, In Living Color, with Keenen Ivory Wayans, on as host and executive producer. Fox has ordered two In Living Color half-hour specials to air as part of the network’s 25th anniversary celebration.  If they kick azz in ratings, they will bring the show back regularly.

Keenan left the show back in the day due to the censorship by Fox.  He left the  during it’s third season, but stayed on as a producer.  The show ended altogether after 5 seasons. No word on who will be returning to the show.  I think it’s safe to assume Shawn will be back, because I haven’t heard of him on any other projects.  I’m pretty sure he wont just be spinning at the turn tables. I do know that Marlon has a a new gig.

Marlon Wayans will write, executive produce, and star in a single/multi-camera comedy network that is produced by ABC Studios. The comedy centers on two brothers who are both cops. One has fallen down on his luck and moves in with his brother and his family. Marlon, who will play the married brother.  Marlon is also currently working on the Richard Pryor biopic, to which he plays the iconic Richard Pryor.  Since there is a conflict in networks it may be safe to say Marlon won’t be show up for the reunion, but stranger things have happen, and I don’t know every d*mn thing.

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Greedy Whispers: Would You Eat a Burger Meal That Contained 8000 Calories?

Posted October 29, 2011 1:00 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Who me?  H*ll no.  This mess is just greedy.

Is there a soul that can get their stomach capacity to hold all of that?   It contains four half-pound beef patties, cheese and bacon and comes with a milkshake containing the world’s ‘highest butterfat content’ (with an extra pat of butter) and ‘Flatliner Fries’ that are deep-fried in pure lard. It doesn’t even look good to me.  It actually looks really dry.

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is the third restaurant in the chain with the slogan – ‘A Taste Worth Dying For.’  There were actually two other restaurants in Dallas and Phoenix. They had to close down due to protests from the community.  Customers who weigh more than 350lbs eat for free.  Any customers can wear hospital gowns when they walk in and they are served by waitresses dressed as nurses. Owner Jon Basso wears a doctor’s uniform and there’s even an ambulance parked out front.

If you have an 8,000-calorie meal, that’s equivalent to five days worth of food for most people.  The average person burns off about 100 calories by walking a mile – meaning you’d have to walk 80 miles to work off the Quadruple Bypass Burger meal.

Blair River, a 575lb spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill, died in March from obesity-related illness.  Wow!!

I wonder what the guy in the back ate?  He is definitely on kickstand (he’s out for awhile).  I went to the archives and got that one.

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