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In a seven-figure preemptive deal, Sony Pictures is collaborating with Ryan Murphy on One Hit Wonders, a musical comedy pitch that will be written as a star vehicle for Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce and Andy Samberg.

Murphy is attached to direct, and he will write the script with his Glee cohorts Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. Murphy will produce with Paltrow (who has practically become a Glee cast member) and the latter makes her debut as a producer on this film. Murphy hopes to direct it after he completes The Normal Heart.

Paltrow, Witherspoon and Diaz will play three singers who each scored a top hit song in the 1990s before watching their careers go down the drain. They decide to form a super group. Samberg and his Lonely Island cohorts will be involved in generating music for the film, I’m told. The project came out of a dinner Murphy had at the Soho House with Paltrow, Diaz and Witherspoon. They wanted to do something fun together and kicked around ideas until they settled on One Hit Wonders. Murphy, who made Eat Pray Love with Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal, took the pitch to her. Pascal bought it 10 minutes in. They are working the deals right now. Murphy previously made a big deal with Sony for a follow-up picture he’ll direct with Julia Roberts starring. Sony’s Elizabeth Cantillon and Hannah Minghella will steer the project.


Source: Deadline

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Whispers: Eddie Murphy and Toni Braxton Dating???

Posted February 29, 2012 12:40 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Rumor has it on lock-down that Toni Braxton, 44, and Eddie Murphy, 50, “are seeing each other and very into it.” a source tells Us Weekly, adding that the romance started up four months ago.

Rumor also has it that Eddie even cheered on Toni on backstage at her Feb. 19th, L.A. concert.  Yet, Toni’s rep insists “Toni and Eddie are just friends and have been fans of each others work for a long time,” another insider contradicts that and says, “Their kids have met and everything. It’s getting very serious.”  Hmmmmmm!!!!

I have to admit I like this rumor.  This would be a good thing if true.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  In the mean time, I’ll reluctantly file this under “straight gossip.”

Eddie Murphy has unbroken Toni Braxton‘s heart!

The singer, 44, and comic actor, 50, “are seeing each other and very into it,” a source tells Us Weekly, adding that the romance started up four months ago.

The Tower Heist star — who has eight kids from previous relationships — even cheered on the mother of two (who’s been separated from singer Keri Lewis since 2009), backstage at her Feb. 19 L.A. concert.

While Braxton’s rep insists “Toni and Eddie are just friends and have been fans of each other’s work for a long time,” the insider says, “Their kids have met and everything. It’s getting very serious.”

In addition to first wife Nicole Mitchell, Murphy dated former Spice Girl Melanie Brown from 2006 to 2007, and exchanged marital vows with Tracey Edmonds in 2008 in a “symbolic” ceremony that was never made legal. Back in the late 1980s, Murphy was linked to another big-voiced R&B superstar: the late Whitney Houston.

Braxton’s search for love after her split from Lewis was a major plot point in the most recent season of her reality show Braxton Family Values.


Source US Weekly


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Falcons’ Michael Turner Breaks Up Brawl Between Pregnant Ex and New Girlfriend

Posted February 29, 2012 12:04 PM By Deirdre B Pride

Atlanta Falcons’ RB, Michael Turner broke up a fight in front of his home Monday.    The mother of Michael’s 2 children Rasheeda Walker, claims she rang the door bell and was attacked by his new girlfriend Elizabeth Delacruz.  When cops arrived they found Rasheeda bleeding from her head and Elizabeth with a golf club.  How things actual went down are still up in the air because the ladies are telling two different stories.

Atlanta Falcons superstar running back Michael Turner broke up a girl-on-girl BRAWL in front of his home yesterday … when his new GF allegedly attacked his baby mama with a golf club … TMZ has learned.

Cops were called to Turner’s Georgia mansion Monday afternoon … and discovered 32-year-old Rasheeda Walker in front of the home … bleeding from the side of her head.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Walker claims she has 2 children with Turner and is “upset because he refuses to see them.” She also claims she’s pregnant with Turner’s 3rd child and wanted to talk to him about the situation.

Walker told cops she knocked on the front door … only to be ambushed by Turner’s new GF Elizabeth Delacruz … who was wielding a golf club and shouting, “YOU AT MY HOUSE NOW B*TCH.”

Walker claims she grabbed the golf club away from Delacruz and the two began to fight … until 5’10”, 244-pound Turner came outside and broke the whole thing up.

According to the report, Delacruz told a slightly different story … telling cops she only grabbed the golf club AFTER Walker sneaked into the house through an unlocked back door.

Cops report both women were scratched up … and both suffered minor head wounds.

Both women told cops they did NOT want to press charges … but Walker was issued a criminal trespass warning and advised not to return to the home. We reached out to Walker — but she had no comment on the situation.

We also called Turner’s reps for comment — so far, no response.


If he’s refusing to see his kids, he a loser.  SMMFH


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Man Shot to Death on Rick Ross’ Miami Property While He Was Away

Posted February 29, 2012 11:05 AM By Deirdre B Pride

Authorities are looking to speak with  Rick Ross (William L. Robert II).  A 40-year-old man was shot to death in front of his Miami Gardens home this morning.  The unnamed man was found laying inside a gate at Rick’s home.  Rick was NOT home at the time of the shooting and he is not considered a suspect.  Furthermore, authorities are unaware if Rick has any connection with the deceased man.  Since he owns the property where the body was found, the Miami Dade police would like to question him.

Police found a man shot to death Wednesday outside the Miami Gardens home of rapper Rick Ross.

Miami Gardens police say Ross was not at his home at the time of the death and are not treating him as a suspect but they still want to talk to him as part of the investigation.

Ross, who has a different mailing address, uses the property as a recording studio and often lets friends stay at the property.

A car belonging to the victim was removed from property by police.

Just before 7 a.m., Miami Gardens officers were sent to check out reports of shots fired in the area of Northwest 32nd Avenue and 181st Street.

Police spokesman Sgt. Bill Bamford said when they arrived, they found the bloody body of a 40-year old man on the front yard of the home at 3203 NW 181st St. The body was just inside the gate opening that leads to the home’s front door. Police do not yet know why he was at the house.

Homicide detectives have not released the name of the man or speculated what may have led to him being shot to death.

According to Miami-Dade property records, the home is owned by William L. Roberts II, whose stage name is Rick Ross. Ross, born in Mississippi, was raised in Carol City.

Wednesday’s shooting comes two days after an argument between two Miami Gardens drivers ended with one shooting the other to death on the street. Raul Idrovo, 28, was apparently chased by Lemuel Rosario, 31, who repeatedly fired at Idrovo until he shot him in the head after the two had gotten out of their cars.



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Whispers: Houston Family Seeks Investigation on Leaked Photos

Posted February 29, 2012 10:51 AM By Deirdre B Pride

Cissy Houston has asked law enforcement to look into death scene photos that were leaked after the Whitney died.  Those photos include the ones at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and one pic of her body being wheeled out on the gurney in a body bag

A few days after Whitney passed away on February 11, a media published a photo of Whitney in a body bag on a gurney being taken out of the hotel. The entire floor was suppose to be on lock-down, and the area was secured by the Beverly Hills Police Department. There is surveillance video from the hallway of the person who took the picture of Whitney in the body bag, and the Houston family wants to know who it is and have asked for an investigation into the leak of the photos. The Houston’s have been told by cops that after her case is officially closed, they can look into the matter.

There were great efforts made when Whitney’s body was removed from the Beverly Hilton Hotel to protect the area from cameras.  The  picture of her body on the gurney leaked obviously means there was at least one person that was given privy to a secured area.  The family continues to be so grateful to the Beverly Hills Police Department for everything they have done and the professionalism they have exhibited during the aftermath of Whitney’s death. It was naturally heartbreaking to the family when the photo was published, but they trust that the person who took it will ultimately be held accountable.”

There is no word if there will also be an investigation into who leaked the funeral home photos.


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Ladies, Would You Rock These Giuseppe Zanotti for KW Kanye West Heels?

Posted February 29, 2012 9:59 AM By Deirdre B Pride

In case you’ve been living under some rock, you already know Kanye is dabbling hard in fashion game.  He’s even uprooted himself and is now living in London to keep a birds eye view on the fashion scene.  London is definitely the best place to absorb, live and learn fashion.  You gotta give it to the man for putting his heart in a plan like he has.  I’m sure a lot of it is driven by the fact Donda West is inspiration behind it all.  He got a lot of flack behind his first debut last year.  Although, the line did have a few flaws IMO, I do see a potential for Kanye.  Give him a year or two…..Kanye is gonna crack a lot of heads.  Check out the Spring 2012 line.  See for yourself.

BTW…………. Though these are an improvement from the pair I saw a year ago, but I think I’m gonna have to pass on these.  I’m not sure how I would pull these off.  You can’t even wear them with jeans or pants.   I gave it a thorough thought and I don’t think I can rock’em.  Can you?  Ladies, Would You Rock These Giuseppe Zanotti for KW Kanye West, Heel?

Photos; Vogue and Highsnobiety

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