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LaToya Luckett Covers Edge Magazine – Talks Her Childhood: “I Was a Rock, I Never Cried”

Latoya constantly shows that she definitely has staying power and is resilient to mess.  In her interview with Edge Magazine she talks about how she has held out in the game and how the tough skin she has developed during her childhood, protected her through those rough patches in her adult life.   That extra…
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Mercy: Some Gratuitous Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz, 47, spoke to Interview Magazine about his latest role in Hunger Games.  He plays Cinna, a flamboyant stylist who dresses his co-star's character Katniss Everdeen in eccentric attire.  The Gary Ross’post-apocalyptic thriller is based on the wildly book series by Suzanne Collins that tracks  participants in a adolescent death-match game show. Lenny said…
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