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Donna Summer 1948-2012


Drum Roll: America’s Next Top Model’s New Judges Are………

Posted May 17, 2012 1:55 PM By Deirdre B Pride
‘America’s Next Top Model’ Reveals New Replacement Judges

After firing three fan favorites, Tyra had to add fresh folks to the lineup.

Out with the old, in with the new! Tyra Banks has officially selected replacement judges for Nigel Barker, Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel – all of whom she recently fired from America’s Next Top Model. Taking their seats on the panel will be stylist Johnny Wujek, model Rob Evans and publicist Kelly Cutrone.

Johnny, known for styling Katy Perry, will serve as a “creative consultant.”

But the cast isn’t the only thing changing about The CW’s hit reality series. As it heads into its 19th cycle, the show will also move days and times to Fridays at 8 p.m.

What do you think of these replacements, ANTM fans? Will you continue to watch the show, even without your favorite judges at the table? Drop us a comment with your thoughts!

Personally, I don’t know these people and I have no idea how this is gonna work, but it doesn’t look good.  At least bring back Miss Jay d*mn.


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The good folks at Essence have added an additional day to their festival, that will be dedicated to the next generation of our young people.

They have chosen the OMG Girlz, Diggy Simmons and Roots of Music to showcase at the Superdome this year.  I thought this was a cool idea, considering we have so many up and coming rising stars out there.  From what I gather, this seems like this may be an ongoing thing…. Yup, the youngins will have a day all to themselves.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The next generation moves to the forefront at this year’s Essence Music Festival, which expands to four days of concerts and sets aside a day of activities geared toward emerging talent.

The up-and-comers will perform on the festival’s opening day, July 5. Rising stars Diggy Simmons, the OMG Girlz and New Orleans’ own Roots of Music will play on the New & Next Stage next to the Superdome.

Simmons is the son of Run DMC star Joseph Simmons. His uncle is record producer Russell Simmons.

The festival, which ends July 8, has been held every Independence Day weekend since its inception in 1995, when it marked the 25th anniversary of Essence magazine.

Essence Communications President Michelle Ebanks told The Associated Press the addition of a young-people-focused fourth day underscores the festival’s goal of giving new talent a springboard.

“The youth empowerment experience was part of the festival’s original design,” she said.

Focusing on pushing up youth had before now been the “unofficial” start of the festival’s free daily “empowerment experience,” which seeks to tackle issues affecting minority communities and underscored its goal of moving the community and its people forward, she said.

“We felt it was important now to formally expand the festival to four days and formally move that youth experience into the spotlight,” Ebanks said.

“Diggy Simmons, the OMG Girlz and the Roots of Music are of the moment and speak to the new and next generation,” she said. “The Essence Music Festival is all about featuring performances from artists who are very experienced and beloved who have long track records. This stage allows us to look at who might be the next Mary J. Blige or D’Angelo and we want to celebrate that.”

Simmons and members of the OMG Girlz said they hadn’t attended the festival but were in awe of the opportunity to entertain in a venue that’s seen acts such as Beyonce, Usher, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Prince and Janet Jackson.

“It’s definitely a big deal,” Simmons said. “I’m excited about playing at such a big event.”

Simmons and the OMG Girlz have shared the same stage before – during 2011’s Scream Tour.

Bahja “Miss Beauty” Rodriguez, 15, said performing on the Essence festival’s “brand new stage” set up to showcase them was huge.

“We’re just so honored,” she said. “It gives us a chance to appeal to a bigger audience and to perform before people who haven’t heard of us.”

Zonnique “Miss Star” Pullins, 16, agreed, adding that the event “will give people a chance to see what we’re about.”

“Hopefully, we can build our fan base,” she said.

The Atlanta-based girl group, which also includes 17-year-old Breaunna “Miss Baby Doll” Womak, was created in 2009 by Kiesha Miles and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who is also Star’s mother and whose stint with the 1990s group Xscape helped guide the trio to a deal with Interscope Records.

The girls also are scheduled to perform July 6 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

Simmons, 17, of Queens, N.Y., recently dropped his debut album, “Unexpected Arrival,” which features rapper Jadakiss, and R&B singers Jeremih and Tank. Simmons said he purposely kept the collaborations on this project at a minimum.

“I loved working with them,” he said of the guest artists, “but I just wanted to showcase myself and showcase what I do.”

The Girlz and Simmons each push a positive energy that Essence felt was conducive for the “New & Next” stage, Ebanks said.

“We sought groups who we could look to move youth forward as examples through their own experiences that might help point them in a better direction,” she said.

“We try to bring a lot of positivity through our group,” said Baby Doll. “We love what we’re doing and we get along. We try to leave the drama on TV. It’s an honor and a blessing to be in this kind of spotlight and we want to use (the fame) wisely.”

“It’s just how our parents raised us to be,” Beauty said. “We like being a role model.”

“A lot of girls look up to us,” added Star. “We’re able to talk to them about things we’ve been through or are going through.”

Simmons said he’s thankful for being able to positively inspire his fans.

“My message is always that it doesn’t matter where you come from, go for whatever it is you want to do,” he said. “Don’t let life or distractions get in your way. Don’t fall for peer pressure. Be yourself, be the person you want to be. The best thing you can ever do is bring what you want to the table.”

Ebanks said young people from throughout the New Orleans area and beyond will participate in a program that will include presentations from community leaders including Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his wife, Cheryl.

Landrieu has started a mentoring project called “Saving Our Sons,” to help curb crime and violence in the city while Cheryl Landrieu’s “Girl Up NOLA” seeks to inspire and motivate young girls.

“The mayor and first lady are calling upon the community to invest in the lives of our young men and woman and these projects are the centerpiece of the program,” she said.

The Roots Crusader Marching Band, which will appear in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade, also will be featured at Essence.

The band is an offshoot of the Roots of Music, a non-profit group that provides free music education, tutoring and mentorship for children ages 9-14. The group was founded in 2007 by Derrick Tabb, drummer for the Grammy-winning Rebirth Brass Band, and has notable supporters such as Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews, Raphael Saddiq, Ani DiFranco, actor Tim Robbins and producer David Simon.

to see the complete schedule of events click here



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Teen Finds Finger in Arby’s Sandwich

Posted May 17, 2012 12:24 PM By Deirdre B Pride

I had my qualms with Arby’s before and this story totally seals the deal for me.  Not even their Market Fresh sandwiches can bring me back.

A 14-year-old boy found a finger in his roast beef sandwich.

Ryan Hart, a 14-year-old boy from Michigan, had a rude surprise when he bit into his Arby’s roast beef sandwich. “I was like, ‘that’s got to be a finger,'” he told the Jackson Citizen Patriot. “It was just nasty.”

Reportedly, a restaurant employee cut off her finger with a meat slicer while preparing the meal. She left her station to deal with the emergency, and other employees, who were unaware of the injury, continued to complete the order.

“Somebody loses a finger and you keep sending food out the window,” said the teen’s mom, Jamie Vail. “I can’t believe that.” She added that following the gruesome discovery, her son was “traumatized,” couldn’t eat or sleep, and had been prescribed medication Fox News reports.

John Gray, Arby’s vice president of corporate communications, provided Yahoo! Shine with a statement saying, “Arby’s wants to reassure customers that we are committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment. We are deeply concerned and apologetic to the guest involved in this unfortunate incident….An isolated and unfortunate accident occurred in a franchisee’s Jackson, Michigan restaurant in which an employee was injured. Upon learning of the incident, the franchisee’s restaurant team shut down food production and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the restaurant. The franchisee fully cooperated with the Health Department during the investigation, and the restaurant was given the approval to remain open.”

This is not the first time human remains have been found in a fast food meal, but this case might be the most extreme.

  • A Dayton Ohio man sued Arby’s in 2005 for reportedly serving him a chicken sandwich topped with a piece of human skin.
  • In a famous 2005 hoax, a Las Vegas woman found a human finger in Wendy’s chili but police later discovered she had cooked her husband’s colleague’s finger (which he had lost in a work accident) and slipped it into the bowl herself.
  • An Albany-area man allegedly found a bloody bandage in the crust of his Pizza Hut pie in 2011.
  • Also in 2011, Texan woman found blood on her French fries while eating at a Houston-area Crackle Barrel.

Do you think the health and safety standards are high enough at fast food restaurants? Please let us know in the comments below.


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R.I.P: Queen of Disco, Donna Summer Dies at 63 + Family Statement

Posted May 17, 2012 11:59 AM By Deirdre B Pride

NEW YORK (AP) — Disco queen Donna Summer, whose pulsing anthems such as “Last Dance,” “Love to Love You Baby” and “Bad Girls” became the soundtrack for a glittery age of sex, drugs, dance and flashy clothes, has died. She was 63.

Her family released a statement, saying Summer died Thursday morning and that they “are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy.”

“Words truly can’t express how much we appreciate your prayers and love for our family at this sensitive time,” the statement read.

Summer had been living in Englewood, Fla., with her husband Bruce Sudano.

Summer came to prominence just as disco was burgeoning, and came to define the era with a string of No. 1 hits and her beauty queen looks.

But unlike some other stars of disco who faded as the music became less popular, she was able to grow beyond it and later segued to a pop-rock sound. She had one of her biggest hits in the 1980s with “She Works Hard For The Money,” which became another anthem, this time for women’s rights.

Soon after, Summer became a born-again Christian and faced controversy when she was accused of making anti-gay comments in relation to the AIDS epidemic. Summer denied making the comments, but was the target of a boycott.

Still, even as disco went out of fashion she remained a fixture in dance clubs, endlessly sampled and remixed into contemporary dance hits.

Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines, Summer was raised in Boston on gospel music.

“Love to Love You Baby” was her U.S. chart debut and the first of 19 No. 1 dance hits between 1975 and 2008 – second only to Madonna.

During the disco era she burned up the charts: She was the only artist to have three consecutive double-LPs hit No. 1, “Live and More,” “Bad Girls” and “On the Radio.” She was also the first female artist with four No. 1 singles in a 13-month period, according to the Rock Hall of Fame, where she was a nominee this year.

Her genre-defying sound helped her earn Grammy Awards in the dance, rock, R&B and inspirational categories.

She released a number of albums that have reach gold or platinum status, including the multiplatinum “Bad Girls” and “On the Radio, Volume I & II.”

She had a number of top 10 Billboard hits, including “Hot Stuff,” “She Works Hard for the Money” and “MacArthur Park.”

She released her last album, “Crayons,” in 2008. It was her first full studio album in 17 years. She also performed on “American Idol” that year with its top female contestants.
Via Associate Press:


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In this video their breaking the interview ice and they disgust a number of topics. Kim talks about the legalities behind her beef with Trackmasters and why she hasn’t put any mew music out. She even talks about prison. I forgot all about that.  They even hit on Foxy Brown….Kim says she doesn’t know Foxy anymore.  Kim says she wouldn’t even know her voice.  Of course Biggie comes up; as well as the movie Notorious.  I wasn’t particularly happy about what she said about Big and Ms. Wallace’s relationship; her filters can’t seem to get right when it comes to that topic.  She also goes on to defend her decision to go under the knife so aggressively.

Kim sat down with the Breakfast Club and she TRIES to explain how the Nicki vs Kim thingy was started. This time she says it was about a song and a new sound she came up with for a song called Automatic. She basically feels that Nicki stole her steeze. I distinctively remember her saying it was about respect and paying homage. I’m so confused and I think Kim is too. Her excuses are all over the place now. This type of behavior is so typical with baseless beefs. If there is someone that can understand this, please feel free to break it down to me.
Source 1  Source 2

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