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Category Archives: Reality TV Whispers

Ocho Cinco and Eve Lazada Get New Reality Show Together???

I am literally shaking me head.  I can go all over the place with this bit of information.  VH1 needs to give me a damn show since they givin' out shows all will nilly like.    I gotta give it to Eve, she hit the jackpot.  Can't hate the game or the player.  Her game…
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Football Wives Drama – Chanita vs Pilar

Drama and Chanita go hand and hand.  This girl is ghetto and dramatic beyond bounds.   That's if ghetto had bounds.  Now Chanita is mad at Pilar because Pilar didn't visit her at the hospital.  Sigh..............So what girl!!!!  She is too old for these dramatics.  Lookin' like that lion from the Wiz.   Check this video out…
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Catya of the “Bad Girl’s Club,” Delivered a Beatdown to her Boyfriend’s Wife

[caption id="attachment_10695" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Fabolous and Catya"][/caption] I'm beginning to believe that these "bad girls" are really bad.  Well at least this one is.  Catya was allegedly hooked up with a married man.  It also appears that she followed the married couple and rear ended them.  A fight ensued where Catya beat wifey in the…
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