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Amber ‘Muva’ Rose Roasts the Tyga and Kylie *****Updated*****

Exhaling my deepest- biggest SIGH. Some sick person sits around all day acting like Amber Rose on a parody twitter account.  I follow the real certified account, but I did not notice that this shhhh was from spelled differently....Gots to be more careful.  Meanwhile, Amber was not happy when she found out the fake 'roast' that…
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Cee Lo Green’s Lackluster Show Cancelled by TBS

Cee Lo Green's Lackluster Show Cancelled by TBS   People are assuming the show "The Good Life", was cancelled after Cee made a few unintelligent tweets........twitter is a hell of a drug.  But, please, I've seen that show on a couple occasions and it stunk to high hell.  I don't know if pointing the cancellation…
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Todd Bridges Issues Apology After Reckless Tweet About Robin Williams

Who didn't see this one coming a mile away? After the news of Robin Williams death, Todd Bridges thought that it was okay to say something totally reckless about Robin Williams' sudden passing.   In the tweet that has since been deleted, he calls Robin selfish for committing suicide. How do you fix your fingers to…
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