Classic Hot Toddy Recipe

It's time for that old classic classic again.  Yesterday marked the first day of winter and the cold and flu season. This old standby maybe embedded in most of our brains,  but for those of you that have forgotten here is a classic recipe with a couple variations that should suit you well.  Save this recipe for those days or nights you need to sweat that pesky cold or flu out.  Or just when you feel like you want one.  Hot Toddy's are a nice bedtime drink,  Do you!!  Drink responsibly.
1 Tbsp honey
3/4 glass of hot tea
2 shots Your favorite Brandy (or whiskey, bourbon, rum or scotch)
1 slice of lemon

(optional) 1 cinnamon stick or a dash of cinnamon powder.  a sprinkle of  nutmeg to taste.  1 0r 2 cloves or to taste

{To make a hot buttered rum toddy, simply add one teaspoon of butter to the recipe}

Mix honey into a glass of hot tea, add 2 shots Brandy and a slice of lemon. Sip and enjoy! You will feel better in no time.