Cee Lo Green’s Lackluster Show Cancelled by TBS

Cee Lo Green's Lackluster Show Cancelled by TBS


People are assuming the show "The Good Life", was cancelled after Cee made a few unintelligent tweets........twitter is a hell of a drug.  But, please, I've seen that show on a couple occasions and it stunk to high hell.  I don't know if pointing the cancellation towards the dumb tweets works, but whatever.

TBS is saying it was cancelled because of poor rating and that is the story I'm sticking too.  I only watched twice and it was horrible.

Folks want to think that it was because of the tweets below.  In the tweets he said something like a women can only be raped if they are conscious.  Yup, twitter is a hell of a drug.

Here are some of the tweets Buzz Feed grabbed before he snatched them down.  Just think Cee's of age son will no doubt read these.  Let's not exclude his friends.......He gots some splainin' to do.


Did he eff up his job on The Voice too.  They may conveniently not ask him back from his hiatus.