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Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife Makes Her Qualms Known on the Streets of Chicago + D.Wade Responds

Dwyane Wade's Ex Wife Make Her Qualms Known on the Streets of Chicago + D.Wade Responds

While many of us are attending Trayvon Martin protests and vigils, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was holding a small protest of her own on the streets of Chicago.

Siohvaughn's wanted to voice her heard via anyone that would listen.  What's her gripe you ask?

Well Apparently, Dwyane signed their son Zaire up for  basketball camp during her visitation hours.  She also says she was given an ultimatum.  It was conveyed via email from one of the lawyers or something.  It stated that if she failed to send him on the scheduled camp, she would never see her kids again.

Siohvaughn also eluded to the allegation that her own lawyers who are paid by Wade were working against her.   She alleges that her lawyers withdrew her lawsuit against Wade without telling her on two occasions.  Once was the STD lawsuit and the other where she was suing him for  $1 million.

Folks are all over the net saying she's basically bat shyt crazy.  I can't and wont make that assessment.  She sounds like she is in her right mind, and she may be frustrated with the overall process, and has thrown her arms up to the traditional methods of being heard.  Meaning, the delivery of her qualms could have come from a better place.  Then again, It looks like she exhausted the traditional methods and found a new found way of delivering her message albeit kind of trite.

Meanwhile, Wade responds.  Well, he didn't say this was his response verbatim, but come on now.


Whisperers, make your own assessment and draw your own conclusions.



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