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Legal Whispers: Usher Refuses to Pay Tameka’s Legal Fees

You may recall that Tameka Raymond made a motion in court to force Usher Raymond to pay the legal fees that she will accrue when she sues him for full custody of their children.  I know it sounds wild, but it is something that has been done. Although, I always thought the loser in the legal fight paid the legal fees.

Case in point; Terrence Howard.  He was just forced to pay $50,000 to pay is estranged wife's bills that include her legal fees.  Different cases of course, but Terrence is definitely paying for his own azz whooping, and he's just getting started.

Well, it's no surprise that Usher made his motion to refuse to pay her legal fees.  Right now they are waiting on  a judge to decide if he should pay or not.

Usher says there is noooooooo way he is going to foot the bill so his ex-wife Tameka can pay for her legal battle against him ... this according to new documents filed in their ongoing custody case.

As TMZ first reported, Tameka wants Usher to write a check for $50,000 to cover her costs as the two trade legal shots in their fight for custody of their two children.

Usher finds that request absurd... saying in court docs filed earlier this month that Tameka has consistently defied court orders and filed frivolous motions, like the one trying to force him to take a drug test.

Usher claims he's already forked over 25k for her attorneys and has shouldered the brunt of the financial associated with this case, especially when it comes to their kids.

Bottom line ... Usher feels Tameka's actions "directly harm the best interests of the minor children. Clearly, such actions should not be tolerated, much less rewarded."

A judge has yet to rule.

I know it may seem like I'm trying to railroad this lady, but I'm not.  I am just down for a brotha that loves his kids unconditionally; supports them financially; and spends quality time with them without being asked to do so.  There are so many people who would love that for their kids.  IDK, I just don't get it.



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