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Tameka Raymond Urges the Judge to Give Usher a Drug Test

Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond is urging the judge overseeing her custody battle to give Usher a drug test expeditiously.  She's also urging him/her to act fast, so that Usher doesn't have a chance to cleanse his system. All this is because she suspects Usher of popping pills around their kids.

Usher was already asked and refused to take the drug test because he felt the accusation was "frivolous and unfounded" and only intended to “harass and embarrass” him.  Now Tameka has asked the judge to force Usher to take a drug test.

This is certainly not a pretty picture and will most definitely get worst before it gets better.  It's getting petty and mean.  I'm talking about tweeting the picture of the baby not wanting to go to dad's.  I just don't know why twitter needed to know that. To me the only point of that was to hurt Usher's feelings.

He just doesn't seem like a bad father or stepfather to me.




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