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Sighting Whispers: Jaden Smith is That Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Smeared All Over Your Face Boy?

Ahhhhh puppy love. This is cute and hilariously funny.

Jaden and Kylie

Jaden, 14,  and Kylie, 15,  were spotted leaving a movie theater in L.A this week holding hands.  Cute pic nothing really out of the ordinary right?  Not until I notice that young Jaden's face is covered in a Cover Girl lie hue.  Dear Kylie, girlfriend 101, from B Pride to you, is you have to look out for your man.  Act as his mirror at all times to make sure he's proper honey.  That means no lipstick and no makeup smears.  See now y'all moms and dads know y'all don't watch the movies when you are suppose to be watching movies.  BTW,  what was the movie about?  What had happened? Bwahahahahahaha, funny and cute.



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