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Porsha Keeps Last Name Stewart After Divorce and Unveils Line of Hair

Porsha Keeps Last Name Stewart After Divorce and Unveils Line of Hair

Wendy is something else y'all.  I recalled Porsha's  visit with Wendy Williams where she opened up about her divorce.  She pulled a Tina Turner and told Wendy that she was keeping his last name.

Will you go back to Williams or will you keep Stewart?

I'm gonna keep Stewart. I'm gonna keep Stewart. A lot of people say why, why, why, give him his name.  It's not his name; it's my name.  You know I was Porsha Williams and it was  at one point of my life before I got married.  Marriage has taught me so much.  I'm a whole nother (sic) woman now.  So I'm gonna own that last name.. belongs to me.

Alrighty then.....Porsha has decided to get her mogul on and had launched her own line of hair back in August.  She pens the slogan,

Clothing is Optional,
Hair is Not!

"I've found that the most beautiful women in the world are the ones that wear nothing but confidence. Women that go NAKED."  You can check out her line at Go Naked Hair

straight wavy body-wave



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