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Police Step Their Game Up for LeBron’s Return to Cleveland

CLEVELAND - When LeBron James makes his return to Cleveland on Dec. 2, fans should leave their anti-LeBron gear at home. reports officials will be stationed at entrances at Quicken Loans Arena to check for any inappropriate LeBron shirts when the Cavs face the Heat next Thursday.

Fans with crude apparel will be asked to change into a Cavs shirt provided by the team, and disrespectful signs will be confiscated.

According to ESPN, the Cavaliers organization, the NBA and the Cleveland Police Department have been planning on how to handle the big game. Extra officers will be on-hand, inside and outside of the Q.

Officers will also be stationed around the Heat bench, ESPN reported.

The 8 p.m. game will be televised on TNT.

I like how that sounds, but you do know there will be violators in the house right?  Do they really think that a simple look-see is gonna stop Cleveland fans???  Of course they'll double up on their apparel.  I know Cleveland fans and they're ruthless.  That game is gonna be completed madness and a ratings frenzy for TNT.  I hope they can pull it off, but I just doubt it.

Heck, they may just wear something inappropriate just to get a free CAVS t-shirt.




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