Oh Boy: V. Stiviano Implies She Has Child with Donald Sterling (Photos)

Yes, my cup of tea runneth ova.  Yes it does!!

Oh Boy:  V. Stiviano Implies She Has Child with Donald Sterling (Photos)

She writes:

I didn’t really want to do this (sic0 but you left me no choice.  It’s been four years since we met.  Meaning she wasted no time getting herself in the family way with Donald Sterling, but I digress.  Madison is going to be four soon.  I think we should celebrated it.(sic) at a big event.  Perhaps (sic)opening night of the #laclippers game or we can decide and wait till NEW YEARS to bring in 2015 with incredible news.

Does she not know she already spilled the tea?



After she was dragged about her grammar, she deleted the post and just left the pic below, with the number to a DNA facility.  I’m not sure why she did that…..they can’t give information out to the public.  Girl, bye!!

If you’re feeling froggy and yop want to call the Los Angeles DNA facility, get the number after the rip….

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