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His & Her Mogul: Tamar and Vince Sell Mansion at a HUGE Profit

While I'm not an official Tamar stan or"Tamartian", please know that I'm hella impressed with this chick right now.  Tamar has been making all kinds of impressive moves.  Those moves have just parlayed into real estate.

Tamar flipped the hellz out of His and Her LA mansion for a profit of $3.5 million.  #Tamartians!  After 9 months on the market, they sold the estate for $6.9 mill.  Since they only paid 3.4, that's makes their money steez so dang *red.  (*profits...gains..... on the upside financially)
There is no word on where the trio lays there head right now, but you can be safe to guess it's probably posh as heck.  There's no doubt lil man will have a massive play area.

I pray that the reality hex doesn't render havoc on their relationship.

Snap: RollingOut Mag.
Real estate TMZ



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