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Marlon Wayans and Lord Jamar Clash Over Omar Epps’ Appearance in a Skirt or Kilt

Welp, it appears that Lord Jamar called out Omar Epps on the skirt he wore on the View to promote his new series "Resurrection.'  But it wasn't Omar who tweet-fronted (as opposed to confronting) him, it was Omar's close friend Marlon Wayans.  It all started when when Lord Jamar tweeted:


This is when Marlon took offense and stepped in to defend his bruh with:




— marlon wayans (@MarlonWayans) March 7, 2014


This n*gga @MarlonWayans on my d*ck trying to Google anything he can find about me. That's sweet lil nigga. — Lord Jamar (@lordjamar) March 8, 2014


        This nigga @MarlonWayans don't know how f*ckin BLIND he sound right now. He thinks money washes away his sins. LMAO — Lord Jamar (@lordjamar) March 7, 2014

marlon and jamar 3 marlon jamar2 marlon and jamar

This type of jargon went on for a while when all of a sudden:


No official word on how this ended, but as of today it appears to be water under the bridge.  When I first heard about the "skirt," I thought it may have been a "kilt."  I have seen the kilt evolve into different looks and I think this may be one of the kilts evolving looks.  Samuel L Jackson wears them and so does Diddy, Kanye, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky and more.

I dare somebody to come for Sam.  You are bound to get slayed.

If you look back, some pretty masculine brothas rocked kilts.  They rocked kilts in battle gladiator style.

Marlon Wayans and Lord Jamar Clash Over Omar Epps' Appearance in a Skirt or Kilt




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