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Money Woes: University Students Turn to Sugar Daddy Site for Financial Help

University Students Turn to Sugar Daddy Site for Financial Help

Many Universities have  are getting involved with a specialty dating website that matches female students--aka "sugar babies"--to "sugar daddies."  Believe it or not, it's a real site, with real members. promises the recipient an average of $3000 per month from their Sugar Daddies Pappy's

Four Ohio universities  ranked in the top 50 “sugar baby” schools in the nation.

- Kent State University ranked No. 7
- Ohio University ranked 22nd
- Ohio State University ranked 28th
- University of Cincinnati ranked 45th

The site defined “sugar babies” as students, actresses and models looking for someone to pamper them.



FULL LIST OF TOP 20 FASTEST-GROWING SCHOOLS (based on number of sign-ups):
1. University of Central Florida
2. Arizona State University
3. New York University
4. Georgia State University
5. Temple University
6. University of Colorado
7. Kent State University
8. University of Southern California
9. University of California, Davis
10. Texas State University
11. University of Georgia
12. Florida International University
13. University of South Florida
14. University of Arizona
15. University of California, Berkeley
16. University of New Mexico
17. Tulane University
18. Indiana University
19. Michigan State University
20. Louisiana State University

Sounds like an escort site to me.  May as well call it

Source (edited)



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