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New PMS Milk Campaign Deemed Sexist and Offensive Toward Women

Do I think it's sexist?  Yes, but it's also funny and it doesn't offend me whatsoever.  PMS has always  joked upon  as being an egg shell walking monthly ritual for men.  Why get all willy nilly with it now?  IDK, that's just me, but there were even women talking about stopping drinking milk because of this campaign.  That leaves the door wide open for me to wonder if they are PMSing right now.

BTW. there is also a Women's Right's Petition.  If you feel the this is offensive maybe you should jump on the bandwagon HERE

The California Milk Processor Board--the group behind Got Milk and the famous milk mustache series--revealed their next mass campaign yesterday. Centered on the claim that milk helps reduce PMS symptoms, the “Everything I Do is Wrong” campaign features a website for men on how to deal with their crazed, menstruating women. The website features a “vocabulary sensitizer,” “”puppy dog eye-ser” and “PMS rating index.” There are also a series of print ads showing men clutching cartons of milk, apologizing to their enraged girlfriends and wives for things they “did and did not do” and “not reading between the right lines.”

The entire campaign is overwhelmingly sexist, playing on the tired stereotype of menstruating women as volatile monsters. It also supports the condescending idea that any angry woman can be talked down with puppies and glossy compliments. We're asking the California Milk Processer Board to end this insulting campaign.




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