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Why Jimmy Kimmel Will NEVER Invite Vivica A. Foxx to His Show Again


This video will not go down well in the Foxx camp.

Jimmy Kimmel stopped by the set of “Watch What Happens: Live” on location in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest.  During the interview, Andy Cohen asked Jimmy Kimmel who he would never ask back on his show.  He found the answer quickly, but failed to remember her name right off.  After a commercial break he remembered the name and revealed it to be Vivica A. Foxx.  Andy asked him why, and he reveals it was all over comments he made about Star Jones that ended with Viv threatening to take off her shoes and kick Jimmy's ass on a Tuesday.  LMAO

It went a little something like this:

Jimmy being Jimmy was on his regular of teasing about Star Jones' weight and her marriage to Al Reynolds.

Well, Viv was not too happy with the jokes that continued when she was a guest on his show.  It was obvious that she found none of the jokes funny, so he noted their moment saying, "We're off to a bad start... Maybe this will be on one of those DVDs 20 years from now. Great uncomfortable moments."

Viv responds with, "We usually have really great comical moments, but that's my friend and I love her... It's not funny to me, so let's start over."

Things didn't improve with the start over because when Jimmy  suggested that he and Viv, go to Star and Al's wedding together, she responded, "You would get your a*s kicked... I would have to take off my shoe and beat you down, brother!"

The interview ended soon afterwards.

This happened about 9 years ago, so I was unable to find the video, but I'm still looking.



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