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Lil Kim Reveals New Reason to Why She Finds Nicki “Obnoxious” and “Disrespectful”

In this video their breaking the interview ice and they disgust a number of topics. Kim talks about the legalities behind her beef with Trackmasters and why she hasn't put any mew music out. She even talks about prison. I forgot all about that.  They even hit on Foxy Brown....Kim says she doesn't know Foxy anymore.  Kim says she wouldn't even know her voice.  Of course Biggie comes up; as well as the movie Notorious.  I wasn't particularly happy about what she said about Big and Ms. Wallace's relationship; her filters can't seem to get right when it comes to that topic.  She also goes on to defend her decision to go under the knife so aggressively.

Kim sat down with the Breakfast Club and she TRIES to explain how the Nicki vs Kim thingy was started. This time she says it was about a song and a new sound she came up with for a song called Automatic. She basically feels that Nicki stole her steeze. I distinctively remember her saying it was about respect and paying homage. I'm so confused and I think Kim is too. Her excuses are all over the place now. This type of behavior is so typical with baseless beefs. If there is someone that can understand this, please feel free to break it down to me.
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