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Jay Z and Justin Timberlake Perform “Suit and Tie” and “Holy Grail” at “2013 Yahoo! Wireless Festival”

Jay and Justin - Holy Grail:

Suit and Tie:

Justin - Mirrors:

Justin - Take Back the Night:

Jay Z and Justin Timberlake Perform "Suit and Tie" and "Holy Grail" at Yahoo! Wireless Festival

Jay Z and Justin set things off real proper like at the Wireless Festival in London over the weekend. Jay was said to have performed a medley of tracks form his current CD "Magna Carta Holy Grail" in front of more that 40,000 screaming fans.  Those tracks included om Ford, Somewhereinamerica and Picasso Baby.  According to the Sun and Daily Mail Jay had a pretty plush rider that was unlimited. It included a bevy rolex watches, a private jet and five suites at the capital’s Ritz and Savoy hotels for his entourage.

How can I be down?



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