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Weinstein Loses it’s Appeal to Use “The Butler”

I have never seen anything like this before, so in my eyes Warner Bros. just set a precedence.  This one just may go down in movie making history, but I digress.

Warner Bros was trying get the ruling that Weinstein could not use the word "butler" in their title at all.  I mean try to stop them from using a word that is found in the dictionary for everyone to use, was just some controlling, anal retentive nonsense.

Anyway, it appears the folks at Weinstein lost it's appeal to use "The Butler" for their movie title.  However, Weinstein will be able to use the word "butler" in the title as it was previously ruled that the were not allowed to use it at all.  The title will now be "Lee Daniels' The Butler."  It still will cost Weinstein a pretty penny to fix, but this will have to suffice, since the movie is on par to premiere August 16th.  It was ruled that they have to pay a fine of $400,ooo plus penalties for willfully violating the TWC rules.  Weinsein kept promoting the movie with the previous title, this is why the were hit with said penalties.  This amount can and will  increase if the title is not changed on all promotional materials by July 26th.

If TWC were to violate the new ruling, they would have to pay $25,000 a day.  It will increase to $50,000 a day after July 26, if  all its digital advertising materials and print materials aren't changed after Aug. 2.

One would think this is the final ruling, since the movie is set to release in only a few weeks. Check out the trailer with an all star cast.




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