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Aw Sookie Sookie…..Timbaland to Drake: “You Want Aaliyah?” …..”Come See Me” (Video)

..... Just kidding.  It wasn't like that at all.

Timbaland stopped by the Breakfast Club and the Aaliyah and Drake collaboration came up.  Timbaland says he hadn't heard anything about it and he basically felt that Drake should step to both him and Missy before proceeding further.   We all know the close attachment Missy and Timbaland had with "Baby Girl," but just as he puts it, they don't hold legal rights to her music or usage of her name.  He doesn't want Aaliyah's image, name and music being used for sheer profit or gain. Check  out the video to hear Tim's thoughts.


Hearing Aaliyah and Timbaland in the same sentence is expected at this point, but when Drake’s involved the conversation gets better.

Angela Yee asks Timbaland about Drake's interest in recording a collaborative effort with Aaliyah. Timbaland reveals that he was unware that Drake wanted to do that but said: “… if he [Drake] do it [record music with Aaliyah], it should be with me, him, and Missy.”

Drake has not contacted Timbo about recording new music with Aaliyah, but technically, he doesn’t have to ask for permission and this is where it gets tricky. Timbaland loves Aaliyah, we know that, but if Drake were to record music sans Missy and Timb, it wouldn’t be a “crime” because Timbaland does not own the rights to her music.

“Well, see that’s the thing, I don’t own Aaliyah’s rights, that’s just my baby sister. I don’t own her masters, I can’t be the dictator of that…But I’m saying the best decision that the fans would want to see, it’s all three of us and not on a separate album; [and] it’s gotta be for charity. We gotta give back, it can’t be something to make money off of. I think that’s wrong, to try and make money off the dead.”

Drake, I hope you’ve heard the news and will reach out to Timb and Missy ASAP. But Timbaland, how did you know that I’d love a collab with all three of you?! Who told you?! Timbo, you don’t really have to tell me the answer because you obviously know music.

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