New Gig Whispers: Lamar Odom’s Ex-wife & 50 Cent’s Ex-Girlfriend Get Reality Show Together

Liza Morales, Lamar Odom's ex-wife and the mother of his two children has a new reality TV show.  The showbasic premis is a group of exes who were married to dated a famous guy

It appears Liza is the main focus of the show, but I could be wrong.  Liza, a successful New York fashion designer, has always accused Lamar of having a two year affair.  No word on if the two are cordial these days.  Liza has had no qualms putting her problem with Lamar on front street.  She felt that he spent little time with his kids.   We've seen Lamar and Khloe with them frequently, so things may have changed.
Shaniqua Tompkins will also be part of the cast.  She is the mother of 50 Cent's only child and things were bitter there too.  You see, she once filed a $50 million breach of contract lawsuit against fif.  Girlfriend sued him for 50% of his lifetime earnings.  50 being 50, bought the rights HER life story, preventing her from writing a tell all book.  That reminds me of the defamation lawsuit 50 filed against her.  I guess this show will trump all that. She also accused him of arson and he has accused her of kidnapping their son Marquise.

I foresee a couple of injunctions in the very near future.  Will you tune in?  I certainly will.  I didn't mention everything, but Shaniqua is a firecracker.