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New Music Whispers: Charles Ramsey – “Dead Giveaway” + Press Release

New Music Whispers: Charles Ramsey - "Dead Giveaway"

Charles Ramsey, Who Helped to Free Cleveland Hostages Has Musical Version of His Story – Wants to Help Others

Charles Ramsey who helped to free three women who had been held hostage for a decade in a house on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, now has a musical version of his story.  “The Dead Giveaway song is perfect, just right,” said Ramsey.  Created by the Gregory Brothers, the song includes a mashup of comments made by Ramsey about helping to free the women.  “I worked with the Gregory Brothers to put it on iTunes, and if we can make some money with it, we’ll give some to charity.”  “Dead Giveaway” by the Gregory Brothers is now available on iTunes

Ramsey has also had to put up with impersonators.  “There is a guy calling himself Charles Chuck Ramsey who even fooled Anderson Cooper.  That is not me,” said Ramsey.  All of the attention has caused Ramsey to put up his own website, Facebook site.  “If you want to find the real me, then you go to my sites.  Don’t be fooled.”

The real Charles Ramsey contact information is:




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