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Renisha “NeNe” McBride Laid to Rest

Renisha “NeNe” McBride Laid to Rest

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(Understandably, a lot of people are angry, want answers and justice)

Renisha McBride Laid to Rest

he funeral for Renisha McBrideDearborn District Attorney Issues a Warrant for the Arrest of Man Who Shot Renisha McBride (Pictured). Read more ... » was held yesterday, 11/9/2013,  at the House of Prayers and Praise Cathedral on Detroit’s west side.  Reuters reports that the service lasted for more than two hours.  Family and friends celebrated her life with pictures and remembrances of the former cheerleader and recent high school graduate.

renisha 789 Renisha NeNe McBride Laid to RestRenisha’s parents Monica McBride  and Walter Ray Simmons


Renisha, who was lovingly called NeNe by family and friends, was killed after she was shot once in the face by a male homeowner in his fifties as she stood on his porch last weekend, where she is believed to asking for help after a car accident.  The shooter, who has not been identified, claims the gun went off by accident.

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he family’s attorney Gerald Thurswell spoke to reporters outside the church before the funeral.  ‘It’s very, very, very hard to believe that it was an accident when the gun is in her face and it goes off accidentally,’ he said.

‘Somebody had to have their finger on the trigger. He was in a safe place – he was in his house and he didn’t have to open the door. He could’ve called 911 to protect himself. And if she was seeking help, he could’ve called 911 to get her help.’

Mourners described McBride as an outgoing girl who loved cars and shopping. She had graduated from Southfield High School, where she was in the cheer squad, in 2012. McBride had recently begun a job working for the Ford Motor Company.

The family had to have a closed casket  because of her injuries. Renisha’s cousin, Krystal Byrd,  remembered her as a successful person, who had challenges with driving.  “Her first car, she tore it up, and her daddy got her a new one. Anything she wanted, she got. And her second car, she tore that up too. And I think she did another one.  She who wore shirts that said, “R.I.P cuzin.”

enisha McBride had a car accident around 1:30am on Saturday while driving through Dearborn Heights. She was shot a little more than two hours later while reportedly looking for help in a mostly white neighborhood.  ‘This man’s claiming….. believed the girl was breaking into the home. And he’s also saying the gun discharged accidentally,’ Lieutenant James Serwatowski of the Royal Oak Police said.

ccording to a statement released by Renisha’s family, the man responsible did not report the shooting to police and they responded after receiving calls from other neighbors in the community.  The fact that he didn’t report the shooting is illegal in itself.

A police spokesman said they haven’t arrested the gunman yet because prosecutors want more information before making a decision.

While it was originally reported that Renisha was shot in the back of the head – Lieutenant Serwatowski says that’s not true.  ‘The girl was not shot in the back of the head while leaving the porch. I don’t know where the family is getting this. She was shot in the front of the face, near the mouth.’

Lieutenant Serwatowski also wouldn’t make any definitive stance on whether or not Renisha was looking for help, drawing attention to the large gap of time between the accident and the shooting. ‘She was in a car accident, but I don’t know if she was trying to get help or what she was doing,’ he said.   What does a person normally do after an accident, who’s in possession of a dead cell phone do?  They try to find help.  SMH…this whole this is a mess.  I read somewhere that the shooter is torn up.  (maybe Detroit Press)  Imagine how her family feels and multiply it by 10.

It has to hurt to raise a child 19 years, they turn out great, only to have someone just take her away in the blink of an eye.

Reuters and Detroit Free Press (edited)




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