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“Basketball Wives” Producers Planning Lawsuit Against Jennifer Williams

The producers of Basketball Wives are planning a lawsuit against Jennifer Williams.

"Basketball Wives"

producers are taking their feud with cast member

Jennifer Williams

to the next level.  The show's head honchos are currently in talks to file a lawsuit against Jennifer for publicly trashing the show.

Producers of the VH1 hit series were not happy after Jenn filed a lawsuit against Nia Crooks, who isn't even a cast member, after she slapped her in the face while taping an episode in a lame attempt to get her 15 mins.....which should be just about up by the way.  Where was VH1 when Nia filed charges against Jenn?

Any way....Now producers are ready to take their own legal action after Jennifer went to the media alleging "Basketball Wives"  portrays African-American women negatively.   The producers feel that Jennifer's bad mouthing of the show is in violation of her contract.  Specifically, their contract forbids cast members from doing any media appearances or press without approval, or speaking negatively about the show. They feel she is "ruining the brand" they worked so hard to build.

Dear VH1 producers, HELLOOOOO, Evelyn is ruining your brand. Are you kidding me right now?

Dear Jennifer, Just a reminder, Evelyn is not African American or black.  Don't claim her.


source TMZ



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