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Tami Roman Appears on Wendy Williams: Hints New TV Role, Says Daughter Were Embarrassed,Vows to do Better

Tami Roman appears on Wendy Williams show and vows to changed her behavior.

Welp, I told you guys yesterday that Tami tweeted that she would appear in the Wendy Williams show. She looks like she has lost a few pounds, by the way. Any way, I have to say that I was truly impressed by what she had to say. She admitted to acting a complete fool and how it impacted her relationship with her girls. She was moved to tears when she admitted that they were embarrassed by her actions and she never wanted to see that look on their faces after her antics on the show were revealed. Hopefully, she is allowed to redeem herself. I can't believe y'all were harassing her daughters on twitter....SMH. She also revealed that she landed a role on a show, but isn't at liberty to discuss it, because it hasn't been formally announced by the network as of yet. So what do you guys think?



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1 Response

  1. Makeba

    When you want to keep your job, you do whatever it takes. If she was indeed sorry about the Kesha incident she wouldn’t have put up the t-shirt “Bitch, you got two minutes”…She didn’t feel sorry until after the promoters pulled out and her job was in jeopardy..Of course you will say you were wrong now but the fact that she’s mad at Royce says she isn’t really sorry for what she did. If you were sorry why would that need to wait until people get upset about it…She talked about Jen the entire season but never brought it to her face so why does she deserves to be informed about what someone else says…My things is yes they are doing good right now and getting money right now but you reap what you sow and I’d rather sow mine at a young age or now instead of later when all the money is gone and you can’t get out and make anymore money like you did before…it’s short-lived gratification…but someo people have to learn the hard way and that is how life period… Tami wanted to hear Jen past juicy drama but what about hers with Spinderella and Pepa from Salt and Pepa…Her taking Spinderella baby daddy which is her children father too and ex-husband…exactly…She was wrong and yes she apologized and i hope it was really real and not just to keep a job because that’s what it looked like but I’ll just not watch and it shouldn’t matter any way since they have fans who love their drama and stuff…

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