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Apollo Nida Speaks Out Against Charity Scam Allegation (Video)

Apollo Nida feels that his brand is being affected by these allegations. To get yourself up to date, a charity went on the record to says that Apollo demanded $2000 as appearance fee, while Kandi Burruss okay-ed the same cause free of charge.

Basically, Apollo feels like the charity fiasco is all one big misunderstanding that is effecting his brand.  So he "took it the streets" to explain the mix up.

He starts of by putting the charity on front street by saying that they aren't even ....503 certified as non profit.

“Not only am I facing legal troubles, but to have something like this?” “…I get attacked for doing good things.”

Ummmmmm, I would feel for him if he hadn't bragged about coming home and slapping down an $8000 receipt from the strip club.  Point made!!.








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