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LA Hair Season 4 Super Trailer Has a Few Surprises #LAHAIR

LA Hair Season 4 Super Trailer Has a Few Surprises    #LAHAIR

Season 4 Super Trailer

Is Jonathan Antin going to be Kim’s Friend or Foe? Last season they were at each others throats.  You already know Anthony has no qualms with saying how he feels about Johnathan.  What is the tea with these two anyway?  If that isn't enough Atlanta Gocha is in the building looking to get her gig on and Lea is not happy.  Can't wait to see how all that goes down. You may recall that Gocha and Terry had a few words with each other the last rime we saw them together,  So this should be dang interesting.

Find out what else in new on the new season of LA Hair!

Returning and new cast members for season 4 are :

  • Kim Kimble (season 1–present)
  • Dontay Savoy (season 1–present)
  • Terry Hunt (season 1–present)
  • Anthony Pazos (season 1–present)
  • China Upshaw (season 1–present)
  • Jasmine Kimble (season 1–present)
  • Leah Kimble (season 2–present)
  • Naja Rickette (season 2–present)
  • Lisa Buford (season 3–present
  • Gocha Hawkins (season 4–present)


In case you were worried one of your faves is back to cause mischief, in reoccurring rolls.

  • Angela Christine Stevens (season 1–present)


S4;E1 Sneak Peek

Kim Kimble Johnathin Antin



The season premiere of L.A. Hair is coming up fast and WE can’t wait for you to see what is going to go down between Kim and her crew!

Here are 10 reasons to get excited for what’s to come this season!

10. Hair Majesty is back! Kim Kimble is ready to take back her throne in the season premiere and has hired a new stylist from Atlanta. The new girl in town has more of a New York attitude than that of a Southern Belle. Will the new stylist clash with the Queen of Hair?

9. Kim gets an offer she can’t refuse from celeb stylist Jonathan Antin. His reputation and pitch are enough to get Kim interested in signing her name on the dotted line, but will his cutthroat business antics make this more like a deal with the devil?

8. Someone in Kimble Hair Studio is flapping more than her scissors. In fact, someone is leaking important information about the salon to Jonathan Antin and Kim will stop at nothing to protect her throne.

7. This season, Kim’s taking on new celebrity clients. WE can’t wait to see her work her magic on big stars like singers Tamar Braxton and actress Tia Mowry. Will Kim preserve these stars’ iconic looks or reinvent them in an edgier way?

6. Leah questions Kim’s leadership in a big way. Will the Queen of Hair whip out her shears on her not-so-loyal servant and dismiss her from the royal court?

5. This season, Kim won’t think twice about making sure her staff knows she’s in charge of the salon. She’s taking back total control and that means one of the stylists is in jeopardy of getting cut from the team. Who could it be?

4. Jealousy is at a new level in Kim’s hair studio. The drama reaches an all-time high when tensions rise between Kim, Leah and some of the other stylists. Leah dumps a glass of champagne over Kim’s hair (a moment you definitely don’t want to miss). And, hell hath no fury like a woman with a wet weave!

3. Stylist Naja is b-a-c-k! This raises a few eyebrows in the salon, including Kim’s who’s all like, aw hell no, “What is she doing here?!”  DPB: That's the same thing I said.

2. The Kimble Hair Studio is on the cusp of change – but will Kim survive a face-off with the biggest threat ever?

1. Season four of L.A. Hair is bringing a whole lotta drama to the City of Angels. WE are so excited to see what alliances will be built and what divas will fall. All Hail to the Hair!

WE are so excited for the all-new season of L.A. Hair! Don’t miss the premiere, July 30th at 10/9c.



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