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Reality Recap: Ep 1 S1 of Atlanta Exes (Full Episode)

Reality Replayed: Ep 1 S1 of Atlanta Exes

I was in class until 11 , so I totally missed it too.

The ladies go over to Tameka's to help help pack up the marital home she shared with Usher.  We find that Tameka has issues with letting go of her past, but some of those things you don't just throw away.  The ladies are not feeling the fact that she still has some of Usher's personal belongings. Ultimately, she decides to pack them separately for him to pick up if he wants the items.

Tameka is also getting ready for for a fundraiser for the Kyle's World foundation.....That whole situation is sad. Real sad.

Christina admits to still being still in love with Cee-Lo, but she feels she is ready to start dating.  Cee-lo encorages her to get back out there.  S/N If those two don't have similar taste in gear.......

Torrei has moved to Atlanta to kick-start her comedy career.  She credits herself for a lot of Kevin success.  The wounds from their divorce are clearly still open.  She blames the divorce in his infidelity.  She reveals she has issues with the other woman being around her kids.  I would too, but Eniko doesn't look like she's an ordinary jump-off.  She's been around awhile and doesn't seem like she will be going anywhere soon.

Monyetta still regularly gets together with Ne-Yo's family for dinner.  Ne-Yo's mom is pushing her to get back into the dating scene.  I can't believe Ne-Yo broke up with her over the phone after two kids.  Not cool.

Sheree and a couple of the other girls meet up for drinks.  She too is ready to get back into dating.  She and the ladies are approached by a gentleman who is clearly not her type.....he was too old.  Her guy has to be 27, then on her next birthday, he has to be 28.

She goes shopping with Tameka for her 12 year-old daughter and clearly Tameka rubs her the wrong way.  I was surprised to find out Sheree has a 21 year old daughter.  Tameka does not approve of her going to the clubs with her daughter.   I hope Sheree was joking about her dating age criteria.  She can clearly go up a little.  She talks to Torrei about Tameka and her sudden change in attitude.  Torrei feels Tameka has no room to talk about anyone.

Looking at the clip at the end, it looks like the season will being interesting with Tameka being the antagonist of the group.  The clip makes her seem like the classic mean girl.  But, is she the mean girl because of her grief or is she just mean?  Time will tell all.

I went easy and held back on  a "reading."  I need to see what's really real with these ladies.

Whisperers. how do you like it so far?





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