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Sneak Peek: Basketball Wives Ep. 3 – Suzy Finds Out Tammy Played Her for Fool + Reading and Recap

Sneak Peek: Basketball Wives Ep. 3 - Suzy Finds Out Tammy Played Her for Fool

The only thing that happened last week was Tammy asked Suzy to ask Tasha Marbury about her husband's affair with their chef.  So don't feel slighted by this reading.

This week that goes down, but it goes down shady.

You know how I've always asked, "why is Suzy there?"  Well, ponder no more.  I now realize she is there to be everyone's flunky.  We all saw Tammy ask her to question Tasha about her husband's affair with the chef.

In the sneak peek we see Tammy totally throw Suzy under the bus and act all disconnected to the question.  Girl, bye......

She acted as though 'Suzy was wrong fa dat,' when Suzy just did what she told her to do.  Suzy still needs a large helping of courage every damn day.  Suzy is the Basketball Wive's cast's  liaison to all the dusty nonsense.

This whole thing really sucks for Tasha, since the story leaked all over the damn place anyway.  They basically paid a trick for services rendered,

I've taken the liberty of adding the full episode from last week in case you need to re-up.



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