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When Hiring a Friend Goes Wrong; Kandi Blasts Carmon on Her Slackin’ Work Ethics (Video)

In the sneak peak from Kandi''s Ski Trip, things get heated with Kandi and Carmon. When Kandi tells Don Juan how she tells everyone how great he is. Feeling left out, Carmon asks Kandi, “well do you tell anybody that I’m great?  What did she do that for?

Kandi: I mean uh, up until recently I didn’t think that you were all that great at what you doin’.

Carmon: Oh, okay.

Kandi: I mean lately things have been stepping up. But to, me for a long time you wasn’t the best assistant that I have ever had.

Oh boy, look at Carmon’s eyes at this point.

Then Carmon has the audacity to say during the confessional, I’m shocked that this is the time she chose to say this. What? Who opened that door now?

My take:  It's kinda hard to fire or reprimand your best friend.  I wonder what would Carmon do if Kandi had not put her on payroll. She doesn't seem to have any other job prospects.  That has to be a hard spot to be in, but this is the world they created.   No shade on either side, but hiring friends and family just isn't the business.  Pun intended.  What would you do?


It wouldn't be right if the old lady gang and Riley didn't have something sharp and witty to say.....Check it.

Kinda messed up when the assistant has to have an assistant. Kandi may be a bit too nice.



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