Robin Roberts Feeling “Energized” After Bone Marrow Transplant (Video)

Robin Roberts underwent her long-awaited bone marrow transplant in New York City yesterday.   Dr. Gail Roboz, her oncologist, described Robin as "energized and revealed that she also sent her an email saying she wanted to go home....with an exclamation point.  Many of her ABC colleagues were in the room with her for the 5 minute procedure.  I was actually surprise that it only took 5 mins, but it did.

Robin was injected with millions of stem cells harvested from her sister, Sally-Ann Roberts. Once Dr. Sergio Giralt injected the stem cells, everyone in Robin's hospital room sounded off in a round of applause. "Sally, you're in me," Robin said.

Dr. Roboz revealed that the next 7-10 days are especially critical for Robin, who had the transplant to treat MDS, a rare blood disorder.

Her blood will be checked several times a day to monitor her white blood cell count, but Roberts is already thinking about the next phase of her recovery.

No word if she’ll get to go home as she asked, but I doubt it with all the monitoring that has to take place.  Great news this Friday morning huh?