Something New? Sanaa Lathan Spotted Dining with Colin Kaepernick (Pic)

colin kSomething New?  Sanaa Lathan Spotted Dining with Colin Kaepernick (Pic)

This would be definitely "Something New" for Sanaa, since Colin is a youngin', but there's certainly nothing wrong with her getting her groove back.

Not to mention, Nnamdi Asumgwa  who is Colin's teammate and friend, is married to Sanaa’s buddy, Kerry Washington.     Okay, I'm joking or am I? Nonetheless, I'm filing this under straight gossip, until I  hear whispers that it's on or nah.

via SL's facebook

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  1. Tremayne Cooks

    Sanaa is beautiful

  2. oakbluffsdiva

    Gossip or not please learn to spell and write in complete sentences. Also, Colin and Nnamdi are both Nupes who happen to be on the same football team and Nnamdi’s wife and Sanaa just happen to be friends…………

    • Oh you mad huh? News certainly travels fast in the blog world. Not to mention, I had no intention on calling them Nupes.

  3. Kia

    he’s so cute!!

  4. TheRealEOTMMediaCEO

    iktr, I would date him too!

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