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At the Age of 25, Devin Thomas Retires From NFL #Ladiesbehold

25 year-old Devin Thomas has retired from the NFL

I have decided to retire from the NFL.

God has blessed me w achieving a childhood dream. I want to give back to my hometown and coach/mentor kids so they can reach their own. 1LUV.

With the rise of concussion related suicides and deaths, I can't say that I blame him.  O.J. Murdock was just 25 years-old himself when he committed suicide a few weeks ago.   I think he has made a great decision, that will keep his good health and good looks intact.

"What am I risking when I step onto the field?" he said. "Do I want to be in a position where I can't play with my kids? Do I want to end up leaving the game with all kinds of brain damage where I can't remember things? It's a good time for me to step away."

"I'm at a good age where I'm still healthy," he added. "I had my own injuries that I can account to, when I almost thought I broke my neck, concussions. Everybody glorifies this game, says it's so great. It's definitely something people put you on a plateau. But they don't understand the sacrifices you make personally. As a young man that understands the bigger picture, I know this game doesn't define me."


Kudos, Devin!! You dang sure have a career in modeling. #ladiesbehold  Invest well my friend.



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