Cavs Season Tickets Sold Out in 8 Hours; Other Tic Prices to Skyrocket

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The NBA schedule for the upcoming season isn’t even out yet, so we don’t know when or where LeBron will play his first “We anticipate it’s going to be the hottest ticket on the secondary market in Cleveland history,” said Mark Klang of Amazing Tickets, a company that sells tickets for all of Cleveland’s pro sports games.

LeBron’s announcement led to hundreds of calls at his office today.

Tickets for the King’s return are not available yet. But when they are, Klang says, they won’t be cheap.

“The least expensive seat will be north of $300, $400 would be my guess. Lower bowl seats even more than that,” said Klang.

Klang added that if LeBron was not coming back, those $300 seats for Cavs opening night would be about $25 or $30.

The Cavs haven’t had a winning season since LeBron left in 2010. That lack of success meant Cavs tickets just weren’t desirable.

But that changes right now. Demand likely will be higher than when LeBron was here the first time.

“It’s a total game-changer for our business.  No question,” Klang said.

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