Cleveland Cavaliers Hire New Coach + Houston Rockets Reportedly Want LeBron #itson

First, According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Cavaliers have hired David Blatt at their new head coach.


Sports Whispers: Cleveland Cavaliers Hire New Coach + Houston Rockets Reportedly Want LeBron….*giggles*

According to Bleacher Report, The Houston Rockets are planning on pursuing LeBron.  I had to laugh at that.  He’s not going to no dang Houston.  He’s not going to the Lakers either….nobody of his caliper can work with Kobe’s ego.  I’m just saying…..  Nonetheless, who wont be trying to grab him?  Anyhow, here are the details about Coach David Blatt.

David Blatt, who just resigned as coach of Maccabi Tel Avivlast week, has reached an agreement to become the 20th head coach of the Cavaliers, replacing Mike Brown who was fired on May 12, an NBA source told The Plain Dealer on Friday.

This will be the first NBA job for the well-respected Blatt, an American who played for Pete Carril at Princeton and has played and coached in Europe the past 33 years. He also will become the first European head coach to be picked to run an NBA team.

The decision came down to Blatt and Clippers assistant coach Tyronn Lue, a long-time NBA player who has been an assistant to Doc Rivers for five years, four of them in Boston. Alvin Gentry, believed to be the third finalist, took a job as the associate head coach of the Golden State Warriors under Steve Kerr. Kerr was considering Blatt for a similar position. The Cavs reportedly also considered hiring either Lue or Gentry as associate/assistant coach.

You already know where I stand.  I want my guy to go home and make ish happen.  As for David, I can’t call it.  I don’t know the guy, but I do hope he is an attraction to Lebron.  If he can make this thing happen as a whole, I’m all for it.  That’s with or without my guy.  It’s on!!


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