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Dan Gilbert to Give More Than 1000 Quicken Loan Employees Championship Rings Too

cavs cavaliers_champions_art


That's right, Dan Gilbert has announced that he will give all employees of the Quicken Loan arena 2016 Championship rings.  The staff includes cashiers, maintenance crew, security, food vendors and more.  Their rings won’t be as blinged out as the players, but still blinged out.  No word on when he will present the staff of more 1000 with their rings or how they will get them, but a fitting in included.


It’s rumored that former coach Dave Blatt and Anderson Vaerajo were offered rings as well.  Anderson spent more than 11 years kicking ass for the Cavaliers, so it goes without saying he deserves one as well. says he hasn’t decided if he will accept it  or not.  Had he not been traded, he would be getting one as well.

You better take that ring Anderson earned it damn it.

anderson6 anderson32 anderson1 LeBron James, Anderson Varejao anderson6 Anderson



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