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OHIO’s MVP: LeBron James; Dear Cleveland Cavaliers (Dan Gilbert)…….

Yes, Lebron James is Ohio's Most Valuable Player.  I know his dolla value is leaking elsewhere, but it is what it is.

LeBron James was a huge man when he said Kevin Durant was worthy of being 2014 MVP.  Who does that?   This would not come from a selfish individual?   Kevin did deserve this merit and I wont deny that..... Kevin is also a nice guy.   If he wasn't, this post would not apply.  But, my Bronny was also a  close contender....please believe.  His current stats are as follows:

Current Season Stats
27.1 6.9 6.3 20%

The history and the numbers are there, but I'm so sick of people being mean and caught up in old feelings.  Let it go.  It is what is is. Bronny is Ohio's most valuable player.  LeBron is a nice guy that felt that he had to do things to make things happen for his family, his career and for his home town.

However, I do wish he would have stayed for more tries, but he didn't.  You can't change the past, but you can make history.

We are now in the present and we need to deal with the cards that were dealt.   We need to get this man home by any means necessary. Folks need to relax a bit and shake off old shyt. The problem is that people are still badly shook.

Obviously, I'm good and I have moved on, but I wish others would jump on the same.   I want him to come home.  I just wish all involved would make this things happen.  I wish Dan Gilbert would extend the I still love you branch and fix this.  I can already tell he wants to come home.

Bronny, you still have things to do here.   Your legacy should be completed with just one more hard core try at home.


Dear Cav's,


Make this happen!!



B. Pride


PS.  I got some 23 stuff for you to sign once you come back.  Plus if Mo's mean self wants to come back , make it happen

kev an bron


This is way too soon, but I already sent it.  I was in my feelings.  I stand by everything said, but I wish I would have waited.



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