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R.I.P: Boxer Tommy Morrison Dies at 44

R.I.P: Boxer Tommy Morrison Dies at 44

Tommy Morrison, 44,  a former heavyweight boxing champ who beat George Foreman, and star of "Rocky V"died in a Nebraska hospital after a long battle with AIDS.

Morrison's longtime boxing promoter, Tony Holden, confirmed the death.  Morrison had been in the hospital for several months battling an illness, but he wouldn't specify what. He died peacefully, his wife by his side.

Back in 1996 Morrison tested positive for HIV, thus ending his boxing career. He later denied having the disease or that it even existed.

In 1990 Morrison starred in "Rocky V" with Sylvester Stallone, playing a rookie boxer training under Rocky Balboa. In 1993 he took home a real title, defeating George Foreman for the heavyweight championship.



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