Rumble Grown Men Rumble: Muhammad Ali Tweets His Wait on a Floyd and Pacquiao Rumble

This made my morning. Ali came from out of nowhere and echoed what we’ve been feeling for years. Maybe since Floyd is hearing this from his idol, this may light a fire under that ass. I need this fight to happen….. don’t you? Chill with all the drama and set a date.

Rumble Grown Men Rumble: Muhammad Ali Tweets His Wait on a Floyd and Pacquiao Rumble

You gotta admit that tweet was damned epic.



In case you have been living under a rock, Manny and Floyd (one has avoided more than the other) have been avoiding the inevitable since about 2009. Floyd wants Manny to submit to drug testing. In 2010 Pacquiao accepted the terms of the random drug testings that would lead up to the fight.  Pac’s camp gave Floyd until July 15th to sign the contract.  By the 17th there was still  no word.  Then by the 19th Floyd’s camp was saying there were never any negotiations from the giddy up.

A second try at negotiations went up in the air.  Then negotiations were suddenly halted by Floyd’s camp with a statement the he had just fought sixty days ago and that he was not interested in rushing into anything, and was not really thinking about boxing at the moment.

Things started up again in 2012 and I really, really thought it was going to happen.  I mean how can they keep this dance going right?  That fell apart too and it was Floyd’s call yet again….  Floyd said the fight would never happen and he blamed it all on Pac’s manager.

“We all know the Pacquiao fight, at this particular time, will never happen, and the reason why the fight won’t happen is because I will never do business with Bob Arum again in life, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum’s fighter,”  via

Bob Arum gives Pacquiao a date, whereas Floyd Mayweather gives Floyd Mayweather his own date. I will be fighting again in May and I will be fighting again in September.”

Excuses… excuses….that was some trivial nonsense.

“I’m gonna give you two reasons the Pacquiao fight is not going to happen. Like I said before, I will never do business with Bob Arum in life, but I don’t wish him nothing bad.

And I want to see Manny Pacquiao’s real pay-per-view numbers. Get his pay-per-view numbers from his last fight and compare them to my pay-per-view numbers with Canelo Alvarez. Did he do 1.2 million homes? Has he done 1 million homes?”

Yeah okay……the money man is about his money, but damn isn’t it always something though?   Floyd knows his fights bring in the might dolla as opposed to Pac’s, but the two together would be damn sickening.  Anyways, I gave up my urgency to see this happen about a year and a half ago, but Ali has sparked a brand new urgency.

Rumble grown men, Rumble!!!! You should listen to your dude Floyd for real.

Dear Floyd,

You known you can shut me and and the masses all the way up by making this happen.  Stop playin’.

Honest fan,

B. Pride

Wompity Womp Womp©

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