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Team Pookie or Team Rick Foxx: Who is the Father of Tasha Mack’s Baby? (Update)



I ride for Pookie all day everyday.  Once Pookie entered the Game, he was a perfect fit for Tasha and her ghetto antics.   That episode where he sent Tasha packing wa by far the bet episode yet.  The emotion he gave off was unmatched.  Loved it!!!  I'm going to need Pookie to come back and they can throw Derwin and and Med School in the mix too.

Who's team are you on?

While we are on the subject of The Game, I also have to admit that there is a lot to be desired since Blue entered the Game.  I'm just not feeling this dude.  He's lacking the charisma the show needs for longevity.

These are my feelings and I'm sticking to them.

Update: Pookie, you are the father!!   Yes BET didn't make us wait to get the result until next season.   Yup, on the season finale Pookie showed up at the hospital and took the DNA test and was deemed Tahsa's daughter's father.   Rockmond Dunbar also stars in the hit series The Mentalist, so he may not be as regular as we'd like him to be next season.    Did you know that the that Rockmond  AKA Pookie just had a daughter in real life?


Congrats Team Pookie, we won!!!

photo via BET



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