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Pharrell’s Hat Gets New Life via Twitter #Memes

Pharrell Williams is in a class all by himself.

The super producer has never been afraid to don gear that is out of the norm and last night was no different.  Pharrell stepped on the red carpet with a brown hat that resembled what Smokey the Bear has sported since the caricature started his rounds 50 years ago.   The hat also closely resembles the Arby's logo.  Someone even took the liberty of establishing a twitter account for Pharell's hat.  As of this morning Pharrells hat has 15,000 followers.  Ryan Seacrest tweeted that the hat photobombed his picture.

Pharell's Hat Establishes It's Own Identity via Twitter Post Grammys Red Carpet



Oh, let's not forget the memes:

Pharelly Bey Jay and Pharelly Pharrell Parrell45 Pharre



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