T-Pain Has Money to Burn

He's may get endorsement deals w/these, but it's still dumb

This is worth aprox. $410,000...197-karats and weighs in at 10 pounds

Am I remembering correctly that he later put this chain in some type of time capsule?  Lawdy………as you were.

Lil Duval w/ his version. I wish it would have said "Dumb Ass Chain"

I am not hating on this guy.  I just think this is a ridiculous way to spend money.  I remember commenting about the aforementioned chain on a blog sometime back and someone replied that he can spend his money any way he wants.  That goes without saying. Of course he has that right.  I just wish it wasn’t so d*mn dumb.  Surely it’s not his job to save the world with his extra money, but it damn sure is a slap in the face to the less fortunate.  It’s also really asinine and irresponsible.

Let me reiterate that I have nothing against this guy, just this ghetto fabulous mess.  That is my opinion and I am sticking to it d*mn it.  Enjoy the pics and videos.

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