Where’s Waldo? R&B Diva’s Full Episode


KeKe decided to leave the nest without her other half and the girls were loving it.  I have to say I was rather surprised myself.  Our girl is taking grown lady steps now.  Kudos Ke Ke!!


Something was wrong with my channel last night so I just now watching it.  Sometimes channels go completely black.  Once it happened during an awards show.  I must see what's p with ATT, but I digress.  Anyhooo my recap:

KeKe: She  definitively came off a bit more girlfriend like.  May she has many more girlfriend outings without Michael. BTW, I think he's definitely a keeper and a cool dude.  The voice is still definitely

Shaleena:  I couldn't agree with Saleena more when it came to that whack azz gear.  That chick's attitude was a mess as well and she picked the wrong spot to eff up.  I mean come on, her services, and her attitude was whack.  She wasn't as bad as dude that dealt with Sheree (RHATL), but she'll definitely feel a hiccup after this episode.  Pick ya spots.

Monifah:  I interested to see where Mo will get her man stuff from for that baby she wants.

Done updating this post.